Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas

What a trip it's been so far! We've had a great time enjoying being together. Seriously, quality time is my love language and I'm totally eating up all of this family time. So here are some highlights: 
Started off the morning of our trip with the sunrise on the river and a visit from Chris, Kelly, Titus, Eli, and Charlotte :-) it's been way too long since I've seen them and it was a joy!

Then we booked it up to Atlanta and hit up Stone Mountain the next day. My mom was able to join us and it was beautiful! 

We went up to Georgia and North Carolina and spend the day playing in those mountains. We had a great time hiking through the woods. We ended the night in Knoxville. 

We spent the next day scooching all the way across Tennessee. It was a long day but we broke it up in Nashville with some barbecue. Made it to Little Rock for a late dinner. The next day Kyle worked and I took the kids to an indoor play house. They had almost every imaginable toy that a child could want to play with. There was water tables and sand tables, costumes, large tubes with air coming out of them, life-size doll houses and life-size markets. I was having as much fun as the kids. 

We also walked a retired train bridge and rode a beautiful trolley all around downtown Little Rock. 

Tomorrow we continue our journey north. I have no idea what adventure awaits us tomorrow- and honestly, that is my favorite part of traveling:) 

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