Sunday, November 29, 2015

Minneapolis, Dairy Farms, Milwaukee, Chicago, Nashville, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tallahassee

I'm packing up our stuff for the last time. This trip has just been amazing and we've driven over 6000 miles! We have loved seeing SO many new things but also, and this so much more than anything else, just being together. It has been life changingly wonderful. This post is a lot of pics because it's two weeks worth:) 

We left the farm and drove to Minneapolis. We went to Mall Of America.
The kids loved the Lego store, the amusement park,
and a very tasty and authentic Japanese meal. 

Next we drove across Wisconsin and visited the farm where Kyle's family dairy farmed and picked up some cheese at the local dairy. We had lunch with Kyle's grandmother's best friend.
Here's Kyle with his curds. 
Next we headed to Milwaukee to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum. It was so neat because the children could pretend to do many different jobs. There is a lot of pictures because it was so much fun. 
Then I called a bunch of tall buildings to see if anyone would let us go to the top to see the Millwaukee skyline. A very luxurious and old hotel, The Pfister (build in 1896), invited us for a private tour! We loved the marble lion statues,
the stately ballrooms, and the crushed blue velvet music lounge at the top! The view was spectacular too:) 
Next we went to Chicago and were able to visit Kyle's Aunt Stacey.
We met at playground. The sun sets at 4:30 up here so we had to play quick! 
We went to Nashville and were able to visit with some dear friends. Somehow we didn't get any pics but we have sooooo many pics that I'm sure it's ok. 

And then we went to Birmingham and met some other dear friends and again, I forgot to take any pics! We were laughing too much:) 

Next we headed to Montgomery. I had a few plans for things to do there but there was a football game and a parade and everything was closed! We found a fun park and we enjoyed ourselves immensely:) 
And I did get to cross something off my bucket list- visit Dr Martin Luther King Jr's church! 

From here it was a (relatively) short drive to Tallahassee where we spent both Kyle and I's birthdays and a 
wonderful Thanksgiving with family. It has been SO much fun! The weather has been amazing and we have been outside everyday! 

I'm filled with gratitude as I finish up this last post. We have made so many wonderful memories and so throughly enjoyed our precious time. We will finish this day in our own home after 5 weeks of joyful growth! 

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