Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Farm

Well if anyone had ever told me I would get to spend two wonderful weeks at a working farm at harvest time, I wouldn't have even known how to respond! This has been such a beautifully orchestrated unexpected and welcomed gift to my life. We are all better people for having experienced this:) 

Our time at the farm has come to an end and I am so sad to leave- even if I am so excited to see what the next part of our journey will be! We have had such a great time here! Here are a few of the highlights and a whole lotta pictures. 

We went on a helicopter ride over the farm. For real. We actually did! You'd think the kids would be scared? Not even for a milisecond. 

We have taken many four wheeler roses and Mrs Cam even does it with 5 wiggling boys. She's my hero. 
We've ridden tractors of the big kind and the small kind 
And I even got to ride on the combine and the grain cart when the very last kernel of corn was harvested for the 2015 harvest. It was very climatic. 
There has been lots of bike and wagon rides 
Levi and I went went on a four wheeler ride to hunt leaves for a school project 
Cecilia had a very busy day.  In one 12 hour period she sat up for the first time, rolled over proficiently for the first time, and got her first 2 teeth! 
The kids snacked on apples that grow on the farm
And worked hard to help keep the house clean
We did school 
And made new friends 
And sometimes just laid around 
Amèlie dressed up a lot 
And we played and played and played 
What did I do? Kyle was working 90 hour work weeks so I was chasing kids and basking in the sky. The sunrises and sunsets are absolutely breathtaking. I've truly never seen anything like it. I took pictures every day so I'll post a few of my favorites:) 

We leave tomorrow morning and I'm eternally grateful that we were so warmly welcomed here. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience! 

Oh, and we went on a Ferris wheel ride:) 

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